On days like these we take a moment. Sandwiched somewhere between the school drop off, and that 9am conference call; in those precious minutes while we wait for our skim piccolo and invoice our clients— we pause to remember how incredible wom*n and wom*nhood are. If you were “lucky enough” (read: in a financially and socially stable position) to take the day off work and attend some speeches and then some panels followed by a think tank on how to “smash the patriarchy”— you were able to take full advantage of the one day (of the 365) we are so graciously gifted to collectively appreciate the leaps and bounds our societies have made thanks to the often unthanked labour of wom*n. Globally.

by Moreblessing Maturure


Images courtesy of Moreblessing Maturure

“Globally” being the operative word. It’s worth highlighting how selectively amnesic conversations around this day become, how the inclusive, intersectional, and dare I say “International” aspect of this day is oft forgotten. Panels are populated by the same White, hetero, middle class voices, apologetic about their lack of inclusion- an applauded act followed up with very little accountability. These types of “conversations” consume the majority of discourse, they relegate ‘alternate’ experiences into fringe programming and define, on behalf of us all, what wom*n and wom*nhood must look and feel like.

And so, on days like these, you play Sade, you read some Angelou, you buy that book that your cousin (who’s not your really cousin)’s niece wrote. Full price. Even though it’s not pay week. You call your mothers, your aunties, grandmothers, sisters, mentors—and you thank them.


Images courtesy of Moreblessing Maturure

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