Tuesday 13th November the Queensland University of Technology Bachelor of Fashion graduates showcased their final collections to family, friends and press. Lita Magazine was present to witness the immense display of talent. Our Fashion Editor reviews the collections. 

The lights go down and everyone waits in anticipation for the shiny black reflective strip to emerge. Bethany Cordwell opened the showcase with an impactful statement highlighting the excessive waste our industry consumes. She wowed us all with monster like creations from 100% recycled materials. A strong start indeed. Whilst we hold up our iPhones to capture the looks down the runway, Eily Shaddock reminded us all of our social media addictions with slogans like "SLOW DOWN, Get off your phone!" This topic was explored through chipboard like prints and faces being woven over the top. As I hold up my recently smashed iPhone I realise I am looking at a jacket that resembles that of a cracked phone screen. An intelligent designer with clever concepts that make us question our consumption of technology.

Chamya Dissanayke had a fresh new take on lingerie that felt effortless, grab your duvet and head out the door chicness. Caitlin Bell's confronting latex textures and exposed vein spandex felt very futuristic and the contrast of the two was quite powerful. Patrick Watts impeccable tailoring must be acknowledged, every piece was beautifully put together-A future menswear leader in the making.

I was particularly fond of Paige Philogene's entire collection, breaking down traditional menswear and reconstructing them into empowering womenswear, one piece featured an entire shirt made out of men's ties. Packaged to perfection, Blake Simpson's entire collection was loud in the best way possible, dressed like dolls it reminded me of being back in the toy aisle attempting to pick out your favourite Bratz doll, which was always an impossible task. Just note accessories are sold separately. Revved up in neons Bronte Bateup's models sped past with laser cut precision featuring branded perspex, this is what I would wear if I was to ever try motocross.

Closing the showcase was the esteemed Thomas Cope with his collection "Trophy Wife". Coco cabana glamazons in head to toe digital prints, matching sets and thousands of crystals created a wave of high fashion that stayed warm with us long after the show.

The designers must be commended on how well thought out all of their ideas are, it is evident there has been a tremendous amount of research gone into their collections. The attention to detail and final finishes on all garments is quite exceptional operating at a quality close to industry standard. The student's commitment to sustainability and thought-provoking concepts is how fashion should be. The legendary Lydia Pearson is clearly nurturing the next generation of designers tucked away in Kelvin Grove. Keep an eye out on these graduates.

By Shannon Clayworth, Fashion Editor

Images Courtesy of Michael Greves

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