On Tuesday November 27th, TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio will once again present the new guard of Australian fashion. Fashion Design Studio is regarded as The Premier Fashion Design Institute in Australia, setting the benchmark in innovation, creativity and quality fashion education, and is ranked in the top 30 Global Fashion Schools by influential fashion authority, The Business of Fashion. Nearly one-third of designers presenting their collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia are FDS alumni, including heralded designers Bianca Spender, Romance Was Born, Ginger and Smart, Emma Mullholland, Karla Spetic, and Ainsley Hansen of Hansen & Gretel.

This year's FDS graduates will deliver capsule collections that truly resonate with current issues relating to sustainability, technology and youth culture, whilst developing their own design identity. Students are encouraged to create and present thought-provoking collections that challenges fashion as we know now, as well as pathing the way and setting the standard for the future of fashion.

The FDS team commented, “at FDS, fashion design is taught through active engagement in the craft of fashion. Students explore new ways to reinterpret or reinvent this craft through collaborating with fashion and textile artisans, and exploiting new technologies to support the realisation of original signature collections. This year's graduates are characteristically diverse with each student exploring their own unique signature, which we are very excited to share.”

Lita Magazine will deliver exclusive backstage and content live from the runway on Tuesday 27th November through our social channels. 


jinna nam
Embracing a new age modesty without taking out the fun, Jinna Nam's aesthetic is retro, textural and quirky.

George Habibeh
With a desire to deliver clothing that empower, George Habibeh uses orthodox technics and manipulations of fabric to create pieces that are capable of expressing feelings.

Sarah Moore
Exploring 20th century philosophy Carl Jung, who examined the “duality of man within his Shadow theory and acts as an inspiration to explore the idea of layers of self,' Sarah Moore will present a melancholy collection that reflects Jung's philosophy.

Min Tao
With sustainability in mind, Min Tao likes to reuse the leftover pieces of fabric to create abstract motif using embroidery technics on her minimal, eco-conscious garments.

Luna Song
Following the Japanese design aesthetic 'wabisabi' of true simplicity, empty space and beauty in imperfections and impermanence, Luna Song's unisex collection is of oversized silhouettes and unique interpretations to gender neutrality.

Kate Ineson
Screen-printing, digital printing and clear resin have been applied to different fabrics to create unique textiles are what define's Kate Ineson's collection.

Valeska Dominguez
Imagine a single collection that covers summer through to winter in a sustainable, biodegradable fibre with the longevity to last for generations. That is what Valeska Dominguez will present, using 100% Australian Merino Wool.

Mia Roderigues
Inspired by her vivacious grandmother, Mia Roderigues's pieces are vibrant, multi-layered and a celebration of a colourful life.

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