On Tuesday night, Lita magazine was fortunate to observe the inspiring talent of recent graduates at the Fashion Design Studio Graduate Showcase. Graduating from the prestigious, fashion school, which has nurtured incredible alumni such as Zimmerman and Dion Lee, it was not a surprise, that they flooded the runway with creative and exceptional collections.

Roaming backstage among the stressful chaos, we spoke to graduates about the inspirations for their collections. As they held up their pieces, they discussed techniques, their creative processes and the feelings they wanted to evoke in audiences, leaving us excited to see their work on the runway.

We sat eagerly in our seats as the lights went down- our eyes captivated throughout the entire show. Label after label, each collection stood unique from the next. George Habibeh’s (George Habibeh Couture) couture garments opened the show, revealing an experimentation of light and dark garments which evoked powerful femininity. Perfectly tailored elegance merged with immaculate attention to detail, his garments glittered down the runway leaving a lasting impression. Jinna Nam’s, (Jinay the Label) vintage silhouettes, shoulder pads and vibrant prints, evoked a nostalgic imagination and creative self-expression. The boundless colours and quirky prints made way to an elegant emerald green dress with delicate floral embroidery. Valeska Dominguez’ (VALESKA) emphasis on sustainability and innovation embraces the essential path of fashion’s future. Made from Australian Merino wool, Australia’s greatest natural resource, and coupled with inventive techniques such as laser cutting, Valeska’s collection embraces luxury, precision and innovation.

Kate Ineson’s (Ineson the label) conceptual pieces merged complex tailoring and abstract concepts to create innovative silhouettes which showcased her expertise. A sleek vibrant dress nestled itself among the grey garments, alluring the audience into the colourful climax in her artistic narrative. Inspired by a Kylie Minogue video clip, the tie-dye digital print showcases the designer’s digital talent, the colours catching the runway lights, transforming shapes with each movement. Shiyuan Chen’s (ROOT 2) merging of Eastern cultures and inspiration from the art world, created an eccentric, quirky yet powerful collection. While Chelsea Betalli’s collection stood out with its emphasis on retro prints, glitter and sequins. A denim jumpsuit completed with a diamanté belt and lighting bolt details, screamed David Bowie as it shimmered down the runway.

It was hard to pick favourites, each graduate must be commended for their impressive work. We left feeling an overwhelming sense of excitement for the future careers of these young, creative graduates. Their hard work and creative concepts coupled with the stressful sleep deprivation has resulted in impressive and creative collections, certainly ready for the industry.

Words by Dunja Karagic 

View the entire runway below.

Images courtesy of Monique Mobbs using 35mm Film

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